Sperm & Ovum Donation

Egg and sperm donation in the Czech Republic are strictly anonymous. The centre has to ensure the anonymity of donor and offspring. No donor will be informed about the recipient, no information about the donor will be given to the recipient (only general data like biological characteristics, eye colour, hair, etc.). Only eggs/sperm from the same ethnic group as the recipient are allowed to be used. Only white European donors are available in our centre.

When a man is unable to produce viable sperm, sperm donation is a process in which an anonymous donor produces and donates his own sperm. A woman’s eggs are fertilized and the resulting embryos are placed in the uterus to continue their normal fetal development.

In women over 40 the ovarian function is declining. In some women below 40 there occurs the same situation. In such women the failure is called “premature ovarian function”. In some cases they suffer amenorrhea and infertility or, in some cases, only hormonal failure (high FSH on the 3rd day of the period), and miscarriage can be detected. The diagnosis of premature ovarian function can be a shattering experience for the woman and her family. We are afraid that, just like the testicular function, the ovarian function is declining in the population. About 10% of women will experience premature ovarian failure before the age of 40. Only some causes are known: chromosomal abnormalities, genetic family ovarian failure, antibodies against ovaries, chemo or radiotherapy in cancer treatment or surgically removed ovaries. At present, cytoplasmic transfer can only help patients with low oocyte quality. In the absence of eggs, the only chance of a pregnancy for these women in menopause or premature menopause lies in egg donation. The donor egg is fertilized by the male partner sperm and the resulting embryo is subsequently transferred to the recipient. Embryo transfer (donor egg fertilized by donor sperm) is another option if the male is also infertile. Embryos are placed in the uterus of the affected woman to continue their normal foetal development.

  • Younger than 35 years, European race (no non-European donors are available in our centre)
  • Genetic examination (karyotyping, cystis fibrosis, trombophilia), hormonal examination, HIV, Hepatitis, Lues, other infections
Good quality eggs (standard ovarian response, good E2 level, good egg development) or sperm (movement, morphology, freezing characteristics).

  • A two-visit procedure: We’ll book you and your partner into our centre for the first consultation, sperm freezing and pre-payment (600 Euro). Then you’ll return home with the medication that will prepare your endometrium. We’ll call you back the second time for the actual embryo transfer once we have suitable embryos ready for you. This program is better for EU patients. A flexible or special donor stimulation program can be used in this section.
  • A one visit procedure: we’ll instruct you on what medications to get and you come to us with your endometrium already prepared for the embryo transfer. A volunteer can be prepare for the date which you require. Pre-payment is 1000 Euro. This program is better for non-EU patients. Only donors stimulated in the special program can be used.
About 20-40 proven donors are waiting at any time for stimulation. Each month we stimulate some donors in the flexible program. Women with an endometrium ready for transfer (an implantation window of 30-40 days) are waiting for our offer. After the oocyte collection we contact a patient who has the same “characteristics” as our donor. If the patient agrees with the donor, the number of eggs and time, we fertilize the eggs with frozen sperm. The patient has to come for the embryo transfer in about 2 days. The program is very flexible, the patient can cancel the donor for any reason (donor characteristics, travel problems, business, illness, etc.) without any penalty. In this program you can choose the number of eggs used for fertilization.

In the event of travel problems a special donor can be stimulated for the date which you require. This option gives you more time for travel organization but takes more time to organize the donor. It is not possible to ensure a number of eggs in this program. In the event of your cancelation you lose your deposit (1000 Euro). If you have trouble coming for a fresh embryo transfer we can freeze the embryos for later use.

For egg donation only high-quality eggs are accepted. This can positively influence the high pregnancy rate, which is over 55% in the group with a higher number of oocyte and the volunteer program and over 45% / ET in the flexible program (England HFEA 2000/01 register 24% live birth/cycle). The transfer of 1-2 embryos (3 in only a few cases) is recommended. One embryo is guaranteed in all treatment options in the event of good sperm quality (when egg fertilization fails, the couple do not pay for anything except their travel expenses).

Waiting time: for first consultation is waiting time 1-2 weeks, for regular egg donation 1-2 month.
  • Endometrium will be prepared with estrogen valerate 2 mg 2-4 times daily. After fertilization micronized progesteron can be added vaginally (600 mg).
  • For the treatment of women over 40 years, a good physical condition is required. In such women any risk in pregnancy and delivery is similar to that for younger women.
  • Individual demands can be discussed during consultation

Estrogens 2mg: (swallow from a day 1)

1st day of your period none
2nd 2 x 1 (morning, evening)
3rd 2 x 1
4th 2 x 1
5th 3 x 1 (morning, lunch time, evening)
6th 3 x 1
7th 3 x 1
8th 4 x 1 (4 times a day 1 tbl)
9th 4 x 1
10th 4 x 1 (plus a scan)

On day 10 you should have your scan done and call our centre at +420 585 224 128. An endometrium is supposed to be 7mm or more. If not, our or your doctor can advise you to swallow 1 more pill. After egg retrieval you will start using gestagens (progesterone) 600mg daily. You will keep doing this until the 10th week of your pregnancy. For any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The incidence of AIDS is low in the Czech Republic (about 500 patients in 10 million people, most of them from Africa and Russia and homosexuals). All our patients are examined for HIV and we have not found any positive results in 10 years. In spite of this, embryos can be frozen and transferred 6 months later, when the donor is tested again for HIV. The chance with frozen embryos is lower.

All patients and donors have to be examined at the time of the gamete collection (EU directive) in a proven laboratory.

A male patient must be checked for HIV, HCV, HBsAG and lues before every freezing of their sperm sample. The results cannot be older than 7 days! If a patient does not have the necessary tests, we can do them at our clinic for 80 EUR and an extra charge of 50 EUR for keeping them in a special container until the results are ready. The freezing and standard storage of sperm samples with tests are included in the cost of treatment.