Embryo Donation

frozen embryos have been thawed and used to successfully achieve pregnancy for more than two decades. For some couples and individuals, donor embryos may give them a better chance of having a family than using donor sperm or eggs.

At IVF Australia we can help people who need donated embryos to fulfil their dream of having a baby. Our extensive experience in providing fertility treatment using donated eggs, sperm and embryos prompted us to establish a safe environment for potential embryo donors and recipients to meet and in essence speed up the matching process to enable treatment to begin more quickly.

Embryo Donors is an online community of people that are actively considering embryo donation. It has been designed to help facilitate connections between potential recipients and donors in a secure, private environment.

Everyone who is considering donating will undergo a process of medical assessments, infectious and genetic screening and compulsory counselling to explore the emotional and legal implications of embryo donation.

Embryo donation is an altruistic gift which means you cannot be paid but the recipient should meet all expenses incurred in making the donation.